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Dodonut18 abr 2023

At Dodonut we don’t only bring your ideas to life using design, we also care about delivering sustainable digital products with the mission of creating a positive environmental impact. We’re currently a team of experienced professionals working for small startups and large corporations, and we’re looking for passionate people like you with experience in content writing to contribute to the blog on our website.

If you consider yourself a talented writer who can deliver high-quality articles addressed to designers, developers, digital ecologists, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses responsibly, then we want to meet you!

We are interested in topics from the fields such as:

  • UI and UX Design: Articles on UI and UX design should cover design principles, such as color theory, typography, and layout, and how to use them to create effective designs. They should also cover the user experience and how to design interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly, and meet the needs of the user. Articles could also cover topics such as mobile design, usability testing, and the role of research in design.

  • Sustainable Web Design and Development: Articles on sustainable web design and development should cover eco-friendly design practices, such as reducing file sizes, optimizing images, and using sustainable hosting options. They should also cover topics such as website performance and the impact of web design on the environment. Articles could also explore the intersection of sustainability and technology, and how web design can contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Accessibility: Articles on accessibility should cover the importance of designing products that are accessible to people with disabilities, and how to do so. This could include an overview of accessibility guidelines, such as the WCAG, and how to implement them in design. Articles could also cover topics such as inclusive design, user testing with people with disabilities, and accessible web development. In general, designing with accessibility in mind leads to more user-friendly and inclusive websites and applications that benefit a wider range of users. It's important to note that accessibility is not just a legal requirement or ethical obligation, but also a good design practice that can lead to a better user experience for all.

  • Product Design: Articles on product design should cover the process of creating successful products, from research and prototyping to testing and launch. They should also cover the importance of user-centered design and how to conduct user research to inform product design. Articles could also explore the role of product design in user experience and the impact of product design on business success.

  • Web Design Tools and Tips: Articles on web design tools and tips should cover a wide range of topics, including reviews of popular design tools, tutorials on using specific tools, and tips for improving website performance. They could also cover topics such as design trends, web development frameworks, and optimizing designs for different devices. Articles could also provide guidance on how to choose the right tools for a specific project and how to stay up-to-date with the latest web design trends and technologies.

Contract type: freelance


About Dodonut: Dodonut is a web design agency focused on delivering beautiful and good projects for the environment and the businesses they serve. The team believes every decision made by a human can impact the world, so it's also essential to consider the impact on a large scale in companies' practices. Sustainable web design is a great way to do this. Dodonut cares about delivering value to thoughtful brands that want to grow sustainably.

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