Backend Engineer

Typeform16 may 2023

About the Role

As a Backend Engineer at Typeform, the individual will contribute code to microservices written in GoLang, utilizing HTTP calls for inter-process communications (IPC) and Kafka or SNS/SQS as middleware.

Things you will do:

  • Contributing code to projects that require backend work (in Golang)
  • Maintain existing code-bases
  • Improve existing code-bases to be more scalable and reliable
  • Reacting to monitoring alerts and triaging accordingly to resolve issues (even after hours)
  • Proposing solutions to code or architectural problems in a high-traffic environment
  • Doing Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA) exercises and leading/contributing to postmortems for incidents.
  • Being part of an on-call rota to react to any alerts our monitoring system raises during and outside office hours.

What you already bring to the table:

  • 2+ years of experience in a similar role
  • Experience working with AWS services or another cloud provider
  • University degree in a related field
  • 2+ years of experience in a high-traffic distributed architecture
  • Experience writing architectural documentation
  • Experience being on-call, debugging outages and running postmortems
  • Experience working with AWS
  • Experience using Kafka
  • Experience using GoLang
  • Experience using Kubernetes
  • Experience using Terraform
  • Experience using ElasticSearch
  • Experience with docker

Extra awesome:

  • Experience working in a remote company or a startup.
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