3D Modeler

Enetermotion2 sept 2023

We're looking for a 3d modeler with strong skills, and diverse experience to work on projects with us.

This is a full time position.

The Job

We're at a pivotal time in our company. From our beginning as a design studio, we've grown many directions. We're looking to expand into more 3d work now. Our concentrations are in game development -especially in VR. And desktop style applications targeted toward the new Apple hardware in VR.

The position is targeted toward someone who can build and prepare assets based on provided concept art. We would welcome a creative and collaborative individual who can bring fresh ideas to our process.

You would be working with an all-remote where we collaborate mostly through chat and organizational tools. Few meetings. Really don't do the forced "sit in front of a camera" thing.


3d developers and designers have different strengths in different areas. Here are some of the categories we would assess candidates based on. Strength in one area can offset weakness in another.

  • Modeling assets for production environments. Mostly Unity.
  • Ability to translate concept art into workable models. We work a lot now with a low poly aesthetic given our focus on VR.
  • Texturing
  • Unity knowledge (especially lighting)
  • Project organization


We're looking to do immersive artistic and impactful 3d experiences. Not shooters or platformers or the usual indie stuff. We're fascinated by the way VR can take you to new magical worlds. We want to create ways to experience those places (not destroy them!)


  • 2 months maternity leave/1 month paternity leave
  • Flexible vacations
  • Paid sick leave
  • VR hardware provided


This is a remote position. We communicate primarily in English. We're used to working as a dispersed team so you must be cool with collaborating online and asynchronously. We're flexible on schedules.


Please include links to previous works and/or portfolio. Individuals ONLY. No recruiters or agencies please.

About Entermotion

Entermotion is a creative design and programming studio. We work on a variety of projects for our clients, from identity design to application development. We're a remote-only team dispersed through 11 countries (and counting!)

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